There IS good news... But you WON'T like it...

We are headed for BIG trouble. It can't be stopped, but you can lessen the impact on your family.

The Dollar is Crashing The U.S. dollar is FINISHED... Get used to it... It's OVER.

The biggest economic meltdown in all of history continues daily. The collateral damage of the financial crisis is stupendous. The current crisis has destroyed jobs, reduced standards of living, heightened economic risks for ordinary people, and driven people into poverty, especially women and people of color, and it CANNOT be fixed.

A MULTI-QUADRILLION dollar debt?? Seriously?? A fifth grader can do this math folks. That's more "dollars" than there are stars in the entire universe! The economic collapse IS coming my friends, and they plan to stick you and I with the bill... AGAIN!

We can't say when this will happen. We can't say which bank or which particular instrument will trigger the debacle. What we can say with certainty is that it will happen. SOON.

If you read this article by David Stockman until you understand it, you will know more about this crisis than 98% of all Americans, including Congress, the Senate, and the Executive.

Like I said, you won't like it, but you CAN make it through it.

Federal Economics 101 - And this is only PART of what's wrong:

Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen is playing footsie with the interest rates, as have the others who came before (Greenspan, Bernanke and so on). As the looming derivative bubble expands, let's take a look back at the real message quietly being given to the U.S. economy by the privately owned Federal Reserve. That's right, it's NOT a government agency in any way.

This is probably the best explanation of the Federal Reserve system I've ever seen:

Spend the next 7 minutes to learn the truth that the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Congress don't want you to know:

Listen to the audio file: (00:06:57)
Download the audio: HERE

Want to hear some genuine experts tell you why this is happening in detail?

Watch the three videos to the right to see and hear the rest of this sad story.

The Hagmann & Hagmann Report provides viewers and listeners information about recent events and historical topics that transcend the political right-left paradigm and delve into the real issues behind the sugar-coated news.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury, member of the US Congressional staff, associate editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, and columnist for Business Week, the Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has held academic appointments in six universities, testified before committees of Congress on 30 occasions, and is presently Chairman of the Institute for Political Economy.

Harry Dent received his MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar and was elected to the Century Club for leadership excellence. Today, he uses the research he developed from years of hands-on business experience to offer his readers a positive, easy to understand view of the economic future by heading up Dent Research.

The U.S. dollar has lost 98 percent of its value since the Fed was first established in 1913.

Our system is fundamentally broken. We are trapped in a perpetual debt spiral that is designed to end in a horrifying collapse.

Tweaking things here or there to try and "fix" this is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic to keep it afloat.

George Orwell once said, "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." The stock market and GDP figures are deliberate lies. The truth is we are building a house of cards. One small push... and the house comes tumbling down.

Watch and learn:

So what can we DO about it? (Again, you may not like it)

1. Divest yourself from the corrupt system IMMEDIATELY:

If you have money in the U.S. banking system ANYWHERE, take it out NOW. Leave enough to pay your scheduled, auto-deducted bills if you must, but NO MORE. If you have auto deposit, pay your bills and take out the rest as soon as you can (the next day if possible). Buy your groceries, gas, etc. with CASH, not credit. If you have a retirement account, withdraw ALL of it NOW and pay the tax penalty (it's better than losing it all later) and STOP contributing.

2. Adopt a safer capital asset protection position IMMEDIATELY:

Take any assets you can safely live without (cars, homes, crap you don't really need), all money reclaimed from your savings and retirement accounts, ANYTHING you don't need for day-to-day or monthly living expenses and convert it immediately to CASH (those worthless Federal Reserve notes - our hyper-inflated "fiat currency").

Use those fiat currency dollars to buy gold & silver. I recommend about 75% in silver and 25% in gold. Only buy COINS (Silver Eagles, Gold Eagles, Canadian Maple Leaf, etc.) - NOT BULLION BARS - in a variety of sizes. Buy 1 ounce silver coins, and 1/4 to 1 ounce gold coins. Every one you can find, every single one you can possibly afford.

Any funds you would previously have put into the hands of the banking system (savings account, retirement account, etc.) should be converted immediately to GOLD or SILVER coins.

Forget the current "market rate" for gold or silver - it doesn't matter. It's artificial. When the collapse happens, your hard assets will be worth FAR more than anything you paid out in fiat currency. You will own REAL MONEY - NOT FIAT CURRENCY - and you will need real money to survive what will be coming next.

3. Be prepared to PROTECT your assets:

Most people don't realize that a million dollars in gold only weighs a little over 50 pounds. The majority of us won't have to worry about anywhere near that much. You need a safe place to store your money, and NOT in a safe deposit box at the bank (it WON'T be safe). You must find someplace that only YOU and your MOST TRUSTED allies know about, the fewer the better. Not in or near your house ("they" will find it - more about who "they" are later). Where you choose is up to you. They more thought you put into it now, the less trouble it will be to recover it later.

Currently, you can't "spend" silver or gold the way you do dollars, so it should not be someplace where it is immediately accessible to you or your family. Don't make frequent trips to your cache, and when you do go, DON'T GO ALONE. I wish I didn't have to say this, but you should ALWAYS carry a gun when you go in case you are followed. If you fail to do so, you risk losing everything.

My home is like Fort Knox, and I don't keep my gold and silver there. I have several different remote "stashes" with my money distributed between them. More are better - lower your risk. Risk of bankruptcy, risk of confiscation, inter-connectedness of the banking system, rehypothecation, and price manipulation, and THEFT... Those are real risks that you have to take into consideration before deciding where to store your physical gold and silver.

When the U.S. economy collapses and food and supplies are hard to find, you don't want criminals breaking into your home and taking what you and your family have worked so hard to store up. Having a good home security system is becoming more important than ever before...

Needless to say, I have two independent security systems - one is solar powered, wireless, and electronic - the other is organic (his name is Odin, I've watched him eat, and if he doesn't like you he will swallow you whole). Make sure you are similarly equipped.

Continue reading to learn about preparing for the other two scenarios:


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